GL 540, Green Library, MMC | HL 124, Glenn Hubert Library, BBC, Florida International University.

New Artificial Intelligence Micro-Credential Taught by Librarian Kelley Rowan

New Artificial Intelligence Micro-Credential Taught by Librarian Kelley Rowan

September 28 - 30


DSS-affiliated library faculty Kelley Rowan will be offering the Artificial Intelligence micro-credential in Fall 2022 and is looking for a group of students who would be interested in taking the course. It would start around the 3rd week of classes. If you are interested, please contact Kelley at

What will you learn in the AI micro-credential?  
AI is around you everywhere so it’s important to understand the impact it has on your life, privacy, and future issues. In the micro-credential, you will comprehend and appreciate the nature of AI, its history, how it works, and its impact. You will describe basic concepts related to AI, several core techniques, and how AI is likely to advance in the future. Upon completion of this micro-credential, you will:

  • Define core concepts related to and concerns of AI
  • Describe the overall arc of the history of AI and identify major milestones
  • Describe, at a high level, several core techniques by which AI systems work
  • Describe the impact that AI is having and will have on the world

What can the AI micro-credential do for you? 

  • Customize your education by creating your own Micro-Credential curriculum.
  • Fill a skills gap for competencies you haven’t gained through work.
  • Demonstrate your dedication to continuing education with digital badges.
  • Identify skills to strengthen your competitiveness as a current student and for your post-graduation success.
  • Develop a narrative around your professional development journey.
  • Kick off a career change by earning Micro-Credentials in a new field.